Sonya Smith and Bianca Cabrera photo Aus


Creation Lab 

JULY 12 - 15
5 - 8 PM



Re-inspire your aerial artistry.  A sampler platter of aerial modalities anchored in performance techniques to access your creative voice and enhance your stage presence. Adult aerialists seeking to deepen their performance presence and on-the-ground performers ready to take flight will all find something to challenge and invigorate.

Artistic Director Sonya Smith and Performance Artist and Coach Tía Laída Fé facilitate a juicy dive into aerial magic and individual expression.

During this week we will:
Inhabit choreography on
Rope and Harness
Explore our authentic performer/creator self

Testimonials about Tía Laída Fé:

Adey Bell of Venus Exalted, Singer/Songwriter - Ashland, OR/Oakland Ca.
Tía Laída Fé’s contribution [artistic direction support and performance coaching] to our show, "Silver Wheel," was of multidimensional importance. Having her on the team expanded the boundaries of what we thought was possible, for us individually and as a troupe. I love her capacity for tuning into the subtle realms of the space and calling forth the most authentic expression from all of us, with a loving firmness that was refreshing and needed. 
With her vast consideration of the many nuances of performance art, working with artists as individuals, and dance as a healing art, Tia’s well rounded skill set was perfect for our co-creation. Her devotion to the vision gave us ever more access to the depths within us, delivering an outstanding experience of what Ritual Art can be.
I look forward to working with her again soon.

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Testimonials about Sonya Smith:

Adey Bell of Venus Exalted, Singer/Songwriter - Ashland, OR/Oakland Ca.

When I first met Sonya at the auditions for our show "Silver Wheel," I knew she would be a principal player, yet I had no idea what a pillar she would become for our production. Sonya is always ready to say yes with a playful spirit and the dedication of a true professional to whatever demands and ideas arise. 
Her gentle nature grounds you, and you can’t help but be inspired as she radiates Grace in all directions. I love her availability to effortlessly switch between taking the lead or harmonizing with the group, resonating with the needs of the moment with the caliber of embodiment that matches her stunning capacity as a dancer.
Sonya is a master, and a lighthearted joy to create with.

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