Summer 2024

Circus Skills Week

Circus camp for adults in beautiful Vermont!

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image of a professional student training on tightwire

About Circus Skills Week

Circus Skills Week will run twice: Week A and Week B. Sign up for one or both!

Select from a main focus area of trampoline/tramp wall, hand balancing or wheel arts, then pick from a variety of other circus skills for your other 2 training times each day, including trampoline/tramp wall, balancing, parkour/acrobatics, aerials, handstands, partner acrobatics, juggling, wheel arts and more. We’ll have a group warm up to start the day, and after lunch each day we’ll provide a workshop on injury prevention, self care and/or conditioning.


Check back later for 2024 prices.

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16 and up.

Coming Soon

Those newer to circus are welcome, but the shorter daily schedule for week B will be more comfortable for folks newer to acrobatics, recovering from injury, or those looking for a focused schedule and time to explore the area. Week A will include one extra rotation each day, plus open training time. Those with more experience will be able to progress at their own pace in either week.

More Info:
Long sleeves and martial arts style shoes with flexible soles are recommended. For those who want the full Vermont experience we’ll add in a bonfire night, dinner at a restaurant on the river and morning run/walk or meditation time along the river path.

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