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NECCA is a vital resource that relies on donations to provide accessible circus arts education for all ages and abilities and to offer the community outstanding student showcases and professional circus performances.

Your donation sustains our financial aid fund and our ability to provide excellent circus arts programming so that everyone can enjoy the benefits of health, skill building, creative learning and play through circus arts.

Our Mission

Provide high quality circus arts training for students and artists while facilitating greater access and programming to everyone.



You can provide an immediate and beneficial change in people’s lives through your generous donation.

Contribute to our Annual Appeal, Sponsor a Show, or Advertise with us. Choose your favorite way to support the circus!

Why Give to NECCA

We are more than a circus center.
We are a community. 

NECCA is a generator for the next generation of American Circus.

Circus inspires people to believe in the impossible.

Circus Arts Education builds craft, creativity, connection, safe risk taking and inclusion.

Students at all levels develop patience, persistence and collaboration.

NECCA stimulates the local economy by attracting visitors and students from all over the world.

Students benefit from a world class facility filled with renowned circus arts performers and teachers.

Contribute to NECCA as a Leader in Circus Education

Your gift done your way

How You Can Give

Donate Online

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Snail Mail

Send a check to NECCA at:
10 Town Crier Drive
Brattleboro, Vermont 05301

Gift of Stock

To Charles Schwab & Company, Inc., New England Center for Circus Arts, Inc.
Receiving #: 2949-4316, DTC Number: 0164

Donor Advised Funds

Have your financial institution issue the check directly to New England Center for Circus Arts, Inc.

“When I started training at NECCA simply to challenge my physical abilities, I was wholly unaware of the transformations that were awaiting me.

Even as my delusions of my fitness level gave way to the fumblings of a beginner trainee, a sense of absolute freedom became undeniable. In the trapezium, I get to for a moment shed the burdens of life and engage in an artistic practice that makes me feel timeless and beautiful. NECCA’s community welcomes me to express the truest version of myself free of social judgment and adorned only with the powerful grace of the circus arts.”

Ivan Benjamin


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